In Field Services

Have you ever noticed the best professional athletes and sports personalities have a coach with them – game shooting is no different. To get the best out of your day we are able to offer a team who are able to fully support you ranging from infield coaching, to loading and concierge services to handle the logistics and take the strain out of your trip.     

On the peg or in the grouse butt Philip is able to put you at ease giving you that feeling of confidence and stifling the nerves. Discreet and professional; instructing you whilst loading for you, your fellow guns need not know his role unless you wish them to. That said there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, the very best have their teams beside them.    

If you’re looking for an experienced driver - loader we have a team that we are able to call on to ensure you have someone suitable by your side. Well versed in the days’ etiquette they are able to offer you more than transport and a loaded gun.    

Stoddart Thompson can also provide the logistical answers to your travel concerns, offering airport/station collection; storage of equipment and local knowledge for repairs, additional equipment / clothing; accommodation and places to eat.    

Should the family be accompanying you we can suggest places to visit and daily activities.    

We have strong links with a number of shooting estates and a selection of sporting agents who will be able to source your perfect day.    

Available throughout the UK and further afield if needed please contact Philip to discuss your requirements.