Coaching and Instruction

Shooting is based on a few fundamental principles which, with expert patient tuition, can be honed to produce outstanding comfortable and consistent performance.     

As with most sports, efficiency and consistency suffer through lack of practice and bad habits easily develop. Even experienced guns benefit from pre-season practice and high quality coaching, game shooting is no different.     

Whatever your age, gender or ability we are able to offer a personal and individually tailored service whether that be a single individual lesson, a course or a group/family package. Our aspiration is to coach you to improve your aim whether that be for game or clays from novice to experienced shot.    

Complete beginners are particularly welcome and will receive first class tuition plus all the equipment necessary to enjoy this exciting pastime. Beginners lessons are tailored to include a suitable gun, safety equipment and cartridges if necessary.    

Stoddart-Thompson Field Sports particular speciality is bespoke tuition for the game shot. Either in a grouse butt amongst the heather or at the foot of a ravine the scenario is as realistic as physically possible. We can offer tuition clays at the same speed, height and random presentation as grouse, pheasant and partridge ensuring you are fully prepared for the season ahead.     

Whilst the majority of our clients enjoy travelling to us, we are also available to instruct you at home, your nearest clay ground or in field. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.    

Philip Thompson is an APSI qualified instructor who passionately enjoys the sport himself and can be seen on occasion out on a peg or in a grouse butt. Taking the time to understand your aims and objectives he will bring out the best in your ability but ensure you have a relaxed, enjoyable experience. Checking all aspects including eye dominance and gun mounting, he won’t be afraid to suggest changing your habits including a bespoke gun fit.   

In a quiet calm manner Philip will quickly put you as ease enabling him to coach you giving you the confidence to connect with your target with comfort and understanding.     

Spending many years coaching and on a peg himself Philip has had the opportunity to try a wide range of guns, cartridges and accessories. He is therefore well placed not only to advise you on the practical aspects of shooting but in addition on your equipment and the necessary etiquette for your next invitation should it be required.   

Please contact Philip to discuss your requirements and our pricing structure.

Philip Thompson

"Philip Thompson is an APSI qualified instructor who passionately enjoys the sport himself and can be seen on occasion out on a peg or in a grouse butt."