Simulated Game Days

Although we are able to provide you with shooting all year round, Simulated Game Days come into their own in the off season. Whether you are a true game shot looking for pre-season practice or a clay shot looking for a new challenge we can provide the answer in an ideal setting for an exhilarating shoot with a wide range of targets which simulate the birds in truly realistic conditions. 

Set in the heart of England’s grouse shooting country, Simulated Game days offer a complete and unforgettable shooting experience. Our days are run as true to game shooting as possible and drives consist of grouse, partridge and high pheasant. 

For groups of 8 this really is the nearest you will come to experiencing game shooting out of season. Clays are unlimited and the speed and volume can be tailored depending on the skill and experience of the guests. The day can be serious pre-season practice for the game shot or an exhilarating day out for a group of friends or colleagues. 

The day runs as true to a driven game day as possible commencing at 9.30am with a full English breakfast in one of our trusted local hotels, arriving at the location for a safety briefing around 10.30am.    

The day will have up to 5 different drives which are carefully selected depending on the ability and requirement of the team. Guns will stand in pairs and having drawn pegs and rotate between shooting and loading for each other.     

Elevenses and Lunch are provided on site to keep you refreshed throughout the day. A seasonal selection of food and drinks are served.    

You can shoot at your own pace but each gun will usually shoot between 75-125 cartridges per drive at hundreds of clays being delivered by multiple traps that simulate quarry such as pheasant, partridge and grouse.     

Whist we have a set ground, how about holding your own personal simulated game shoot on your own land. Stoddart-Thompson can bring the shoot to you. We can visit the venue prior to the day to assess the suitability.    

To arrange your Simulated Day please contact Philip The cost for a full day as above is £180.00 per person including refreshments. Please let us know of any dietary requirements when booking.    

If required, instructors, loaders, guns and cartridges are all available at an extra cost for your simulated game day.     

It is essential to wear ear protection and safety glasses; head protection and gloves are also recommended. You should also ensure you have your current shotgun certificate with you. If bringing your own cartridges please note we only permit fibre wad.    

Please can you ensure you have sufficient insurance. If not, this is available from: 
The Countryside Alliance:
and CPSA: